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Gilles Bellemare is an active composer who, in addition to original works, has created remarkable arrangements and orchestrations of folk tunes and the songs of the great French-language songwriters. This has allowed him to help popularize symphonic music in a direct and tangible way, reaching out to audiences not generally targeted by the regular programming of traditional symphony orchestras.

His compositions, arrangements and orchestrations are always sensitively crafted, highlighting the qualities and significance of the works and adding a personal touch for the benefit of the audience, the orchestra and the soloist.

Gilles Bellemare trained at the Hochschule fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst (Vienna) and the Accademia Nazionale Santa Cecilia (Rome). He has taught theory (introduction to composition, harmony, counterpoint and fugue), orchestration and music literature at the conservatory of music in Trois-Rivières since 1984.

The CATALOGUE section contains a list of the compositions and arrangements in the Gilles Bellemare collection.